Three Quick-Sew Curtain Projects

sewing 101: curtains
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I hung them with a looped hook to pull them back. They look great! Thanks for the instructions. I am trying to make curtains with my sons room.

Step 2: Measure Your Windows

I am using 2 different materials. I measured 44 by 44 that is from the rod to 2 inches on the outside of each window and 2 inches from the top and bottom. I was going to make the top part for the pockets to hang the rod on and the bottom to have about 6 inches of the other material. I am trying to figure out how to cut the material.

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This is a great idea. I will practice doing it right now.

here Thank you for sharing useful information. Sewing more than one panel is a little more tricky because of the horizontal and vertical matches for printed material. You might want to add a paragraph about those. Thank you for this simple, lovely tutorial!

Quick & Easy No-Sew Curtains - 3 Options!

I used it for my kitchen curtains and recommended it to a friend as well. Thank you for sharing this great post! I want to try it for my daughters curtains. What fabric do you recommend to keep a draft out for a curtain that is somewhat easy to work with? Thanks for your help. Thanks for share. I like tutorials this way your sewing curtains. Glad that I found all share your experience. Thanks you. You can always line your curtains for cold air protection. Thanks for the article. These curtains would look great.

Why do your instructions state to add 18 inches to the length of your material? I will have to think this through a few more times before I cut my fabric. Aside from the discrepancy in the numbers, it seems pretty straight forward.

DIY Glam PVC Pipe Walls

Convert documents to beautiful publications and share them worldwide. Title: Three Quick-Sew Curtain Projects - Preview, Author: Taunton Press, Length: 6. Curtains are high-impact accents you can easily make yourself. From smooth seams to finishing touches, all the basics are covered in Curtains Made Easy.

Thanks for helping us beginners out. Part of the extra is to account for shrinkage when the fabric is washed and dried.

14 DIY No-Sew Curtain Tutorials

Better to have too much than too little! I tried to click the link for more information, right after the 3rd paragraph, it just lead right back to this page. Great piece …Can you give any advice on hand-sewing?? I also have very few windows… as little as one or none in a room… any advice on the curtain length to increase the impact in the room? So I just discovered your site and I am in love! I grew up sewing in 4-H but my machine has been packed and moved so many times since then I almost forgot I had it.

Super excited to get back into this awesome hobby! Thanks for posting! Thank you SO much for your step by step instructions! Thank you, you explain this so clearly! Its been a long time for me to make kitchen curtains. Or to sew period!. Iam happy i found you site. I have a question — I am making a single panel curtain using the full width of the fabric.

Step 2: Fold , iron, and sew in the side hems.

It has very straight uncut selvedge on the sides, and it is all the same colour and print as the rest of the fabric. Is there any reason I should still do side seams?

Thanks for the tutorial. Also Put washers in the bottom corners of your curtains …they hanger better. Thank you for sharing this. I just made curtains for two picture windows. This is an easy but nice looking project. The hardest part I would say is the cutting as you are measuring and cutting large amounts of fabric. If you are using a cotton, an easy way to get precise straight lines is to rip it this works selvage to selvage.

It will rip across the thread and make it straight.

Easy Lined Kitchen Curtains Supply List:

Menagerie Canvas Monstera Here's a quick guide to DIY draperies that will help you choose the perfect fabric and look for your space! Human Resources manager by day, writer and cookbook editor by night. I am just in the process of looking for a sewing machine so I can make my own curtains. Did you have to puncture a hole throughout the fabric? Is there a trick? Then off to the sewing machine for the final stitch of the hem. Toni this is awesome.

Simply make a little snip just past the selvage and holding each side start to rip. Toggle navigation. EN SP. Gracias por tan buena explicacion que es muy necesaria para nuestro hogar. I have that same clock, but keep the batteries out of it because the ticking drives me nuts! Kind regards Maryann. Thanks for sharing. I can now start sewing. It is 8. Thank y0u! I am so trying to learn and your website has helped so much! Thank you for the great pictures and explanations! I am getting started on my own curtains now! If you want to add a black out backing how would you do this?

Thanks for a great a tutorial. This is better than any Youtube video! Thanks alot :. Thanks for sharing the DIY curtain services. I have gained much of knowledge.

How to sew a curtain valance - Easy Curtains - Sewing Curtains

Just made these for my bedroom! Such a great idea, thanks for sharing :. On sewing drapes is it important to sew up the bottom or down from the top. Worked Great, especially for a rookie sewer like myself. Easy to follow directions!

How to Make Your Own Curtains

This is my first time learning how to make curtains I need alot of help.????????????????? Here's a quick guide to DIY draperies that will help you choose the perfect fabric and look for your space! No piece work or pattern making required. Press the edge and pin in place before sewing around the outside of the panel. This pocket will allow a rod to pass through to easily install in a window. Lining curtain panels is an economical measure you can take to enhance the practicality of draperies.

In addition to filtering light, linings can also aide in lowering room temperature, adding body to lightweight fabrics and enhance privacy.