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Quantum physics says the entire Universe might be. There are many descriptive analogies but few can do justice to the full scope of what we will be able to once we rewire civilization. Looking back on the evolution of our species, even the past century with all its technological advancements will be seen as the last gasp of the dark ages. We have created every bell, whistle and shopping selection a 4D caterpillar could want but nothing can solve the inherent problems of chronic fatigue, mental illness and addiction resulting from the tedious routines and daily hardships 4D caterpillars face.

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Lagaan Eventz CTG. So we arrange a new season of photography! Move through internal resistance, shame and old programming keeping you from the life, career and relationships you want. Giving voice to the soul. Create clarity from day 1 with soul-filled, value aligned goals. For the longest time I couldn't listen to what she had to say. Booking for final Session!!

A higher conscious multi-dimensional Human Computer Language HCL and paradigm comprised of the same 3 pure energy forces and 12 unique dimensions that power the sacred electromagnetic circuit at the core of Humanity, The Higher Power and The Universe. Once everything in our lives is reprogrammed we will magnificently transform into fully aware 12D butterflies whose dreams will become our realities as the toxic 4D caterpillar chaos, confusion and corruption evaporates. Think of every person on Earth being represented by one of those toy slot-cars going around the track we had when we were kids.

Each car has a unique shape and color body , its own motor heart and a controller mind. However, there is no life or consciousness to any of the cars unless they are connected to the same power source. The cars on the track represent the illusion of our separate 4D realities. I am loving every moment of it! I am in tears watching this testimony from Cara Viana Hollenbeck Thank you for putting into words what I do in Soulography. Getting to do a Soulography Brand Photography Session with a tremendously talented, gifted sister was such a beautiful blessing! Her energy work is something that I have never felt before.

She is here to truly heal our souls, earth, and the universe. I Love you to the moon and back! Soulography Brand Photography Close your eyes and imagine it with me for a minute. You're looking at your photos on Instagram, on your website, and other media outlets. Who is this person? What message is it saying to the world? How does this picture relate to the work that I actually do? Your Soul, Your Essence and Your aligned message are finally being captured on camera.

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She has an extraordinary talent to capture this on camera and through editing, it becomes Magazine- Quality photos. When someone witnesses your soul with deep acceptance it moves you in ways that you have never been moved before. So this happened this Saturday. Stay tuned for more. What's the magic behind a Soulography Photography Session?

I love using my coachikg skills, my essence and soul reading abilities and being able to speak to your guides is my favorite part of it all.

My Soulography™ class - The D'Angelo Edition

I love deeply connectting with each and everyone of my clients. Witnessing them in their truest essence of thier soul. So what's the magic behind Soulography? I have a few slots left for the rest of the year. Back to black.

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Soulography is based in Lower Mainland, BC and also in the Greater Toronto area. We specialize in portraits, family sessions, and weddings. Followers, Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from ACelise (@soulography).

Back to me. Some photographs capture your soul. Your YOU. Your it. No word manipulation just capturing the soul and what better way than the eyes. So I have started along side my designs to also combine the soul and photography together. Soulography Photo Shoots are pure magic. What happens during the shoot that's pure magic and ohhh so different than any other shoot? Well I can read people's essance, the soul, the personal brand.

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I get these intuitive hits from your guides that come out during the shoot. I only 10 slots left for the rest of the rest of the year. Registration ends June 30th! Get your slots in before then.


If you're ready for a once in a lifetime kind of shoot schedule your dream session! Heureusement, dans cette ville aux si nombreux atours, on trouve aussi de la vodka et des habitants avec lesquels nos "reporters" auront l'occasion de fraterniser "You're my friend! Equivalence is not a word in your vocabulary. I absolutely love capturing someone's soul and their soul purpose. This soul soaring brand Photo Shoot with tiffanycurrenbreathwork was insanly magical, beautiful, powerful and moving. It eneded with an amazing gift from the universe in form of a humpback whale sighting!

On the shore of the Jersey Shore! The rebel in me will never die. Focus baby. Paperback copies now available!

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You can go to Amazon link in video or contact me. Link to this video in bio. Peace always soulography poetry soul. Once upon a time when i took these photos of jimmysbfreij after we found shelter under a bridge in a summer storm. Standing Tall. I wanted to portray a peaceful calm serenity, where Tegan was surrounded by space. I love the way that the background has created a perfect triangle for her to stand in.

Soulography Brand Photography — Dani McDonald

When you play it small you live outside of the arena. Today I choose to play in the arena. There has been a soul calling for a while now that I haven't really talked about. Even as I am writing this I have fear around it.

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When I was younger, I use to be able to touch someone and see a moment in their past. I saw it as a movie, seeing the details of the room to the expression of their faces. All these years later, at 49 years old, I spend half the day hiding my less than perfect body, or shaming my unattractive profile and stack of chins. But Dani reframed it for me. It has nothing to do with how you look. And then she told me that I was beautiful.

Inside and out. She taught me to start loving my entire body and my face, even the parts that I judged. Our conversation went much deeper, and with every word, I leaned in. I listened. And as the waves crashed ashore, I realized that all this worry about how I look is pointless.