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Lorenzo "found something" in Motegi closing stages
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Incredibly wonderful story This story was exceptionally well written and the plot was just a big WOW! Crafton pens an unbelievably engaging story and such real characters. I will definitely look for more from this author.

Apr 14, Yvonne rated it really liked it. Family This book starts out a little slow,but it soon gathers speed.

As newly married Emily learns more about Collin's family secrets, she begins to understand famiky dynamics. This in turn makes her understand her own relationship with her mom. Light and easy to read. Oct 11, Judi King rated it really liked it. Refreshing Thoroughly enjoyed everything about this story.

click Great cast of characters. I kind of forgot that they were fictional. Perfect bedtime read but has enough substance to be a book club selection. Truly thought provoking in a totally enjoyable and engrossing way. Oct 16, Emma rated it liked it. Not bad I felt a few scenes were rushed, but otherwise good.

The editor should have caught it, especially since it appeared more than once. Jan 12, Roberta Kolar rated it really liked it. Sweet A lesson in respect, comunication, honesty and love. Relationships are two way.

To make or it break depends on the actions of both parties. To do nothing twists perceptions and brings a fog that is hard to clear away and see the problem. Oct 14, Kris Kuebel rated it it was amazing. Something worth finding This was a well written tale about family, secrets and unspoken feelings.

94% Something found in the living room

Emily is great character as well as her newly found in laws. I loved the bits of Irish culture. Jan 19, Pat Christie rated it really liked it. Ebook She marries a man from Ireland and they settle in Cork. Her anger at her Mom threatens to ruin her marriage but she finally finds that her new family can heal her old family. Sep 25, Sheila Dugan rated it really liked it.

A fun read I love Ireland and love to read books that are set in Ireland. While this was okay, it was not Mave Binchy, which is unfair for me to say, because there will never be another Mave Binc. Nov 13, Mina Alaa rated it it was amazing. Sweet A cute story about family, love, and grief. I relate so much to Emily that I realized I could be nosey in the same way. Perfect blend of wit and romance too.

Nov 17, Suzanne Eastman rated it did not like it. Confusing Started okay but quickly became confusing almost as if it was edited so severe that the theme of the story was lost.

Sep 13, Kim rated it it was ok. Decent writing but it is a story about nothing and I hate the way it ended. Nov 12, Sarah rated it it was amazing. Romantic Family Story I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Sep 23, Carrie Lemieux rated it it was amazing.


A fun, quick read This was a great, quick read about newly married Emily Ryan finding herself and adjusting to her life in Ireland. Oct 06, Chantelle rated it liked it. Jan 18, Suzanne O'connell rated it it was amazing. Great book Love the story.

Love the location, I've been in cork n recognized places she talked about, clean straight forward nice story, would love a sequel.. Jan 21, M rated it did not like it. Boring and uninteresting. Did not finish.

Sep 15, Angela rated it did not like it. Couldnt get past the first few pages. Lori Baldwin-moore rated it it was amazing Jan 30, Zoe rated it it was ok Oct 01, Kathy rated it liked it Sep 22, West End Art is a group of artists using different media and techniques, but which works together supportively.

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Not a Facebook user? Login Here. We use cookies to make sure we give you the best experience possible. By continuing, you're accepting that you're happy with our cookie policy. Click here to find out more. What we know so far: Yutu-2 made the discovery during its eighth lunar day on the moon as it zipped through an area riddled with small impact craters a lunar day lasts What could it be: Right now, the best explanation we have is that the material is not actually a gel, but probably a glass made of rock or regolith that melted in a high-energy meteorite impact on the surface of the moon long ago—possibly the same kind of trininite pieces formed after meteorite impacts on Earth.

But no lunar missions have ever come across a glassy or gel-like material. The rover has already found and analyzed pieces of the lunar mantle thanks to its visual and near-infrared spectrometer—the same instrument employed to study the gel-like substance more closely.