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The value of a good winch is immeasurable, and WARN has been making some of the finest recreational off-road winches since The M has become a mainstay in the off-road community for decades for its value, effectiveness and simplicity. WARN suggests you pick a winch with 1.

This kit from WARN comes with everything you need: D-shackles, a tree protector, a foot tow strap, a snatch block, gloves and a heavyweight bag with room for more winching accessories you amass over the years. The latest generation combines both on-road manners and off-road capability with a sturdy sidewall construction and long-lasting tread.

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This deflator from ARB will remove the valve core from the tire for quick deflation. Though rare, vehicle fires do happen, and be they caused by fuel or electronics, you want to be covered for both. But a well-built bull bar will also help protect your truck — you do not want to hit a deer or tree and deal with the resulting damage.

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Once again, off-road powerhouse ARB comes in with a solid accessory that is available for a variety of popular overland vehicle choices. The MaxTrax uses the same principle of temporary traction but is more durable in case you get stuck in something more harrowing than a little snow and ice. Lightweight, compact and sturdy, this folding survival shovel from Gerber is ideal for digging your way out of sticky situations without taking up too much room in your truck or SUV.

A good jerry can or two is a necessity for increasing your range out in the middle of nowhere.


Aside from basic fire-building duties at camp, a good hatchet will be useful for clearing any fallen trees and excessive vines on the trail. This option from Husqvarna is compact, lightweight and is made from hand-forged steel and a hickory handle. In a pinch, the flat side of the head can be used as a hammer. The app provides upgrades to a membership and a premium membership.

This app is really cool since especially with the memberships, you get more maps.

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It can be used for trails, hiking and camping. It also has the options to record routes and share these. I will do a more comprehensive review of this app later on. Wikiloc is also a free app, available on both android and ios.

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It also has about 5 different layers for the maps and members can upload their own routes and GPS trails. I normally use this for the off the typical road routes. Sygic is a direct contingency to the Garmin unit.

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Join our Newsletter:. I was in heaven as long as I had 3 G coverage to download maps on the fly. What's new New posts New profile posts Latest activity. Corolla Hybrid 6. Equinox Limited Opt 23 XE SV 1.

It is available on both android and ios. However it is not free. There are 3 different plans that offer the same things apart from real time traffic updates and worldwide map coverage. It also offers the offline downloads of maps.

I use Maps. This is great since the offline files are really small and there is a lot of information that most maps do not provide such as restaurants, atms and petrol stations. It is a really good idea that more people need to get on board with. They accept donations in time and money , so if anyone can, I urge you to help out in any way you can. Everyone knows Google Maps. I use this normally when I have mobile data available freely and at no additional costs.


Gaia GPS is an app and web based navigation software that you can run from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. It offers route. Unlike so many animal species, few of the human species possess a natural ability to navigate. For us, to know where we are and to navigate.

This helps since it has traffic data and it is very easy to set up. It has an offline feature, however it requires lots of storage space and is not really easy to use in my personal opinion. The Garmin InReach is really cool since you can be sure that anywhere on the planet you would have location and a way to communicate. It is quite costly, however if you travel to remote places, and especially on your own, it is a very good thing to have. Ultimately there is the old school way, paper maps.

I always had a fascination with maps. In my opinion the fact that they are there no matter what, no batteries or connectivity to worry about. Also the fact that they just give you a very rough idea of where you are and where to go, leaves room for adventure.

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Whereas with any other navigation tech, you go on the route, towards destination, no surprises there. So I always keep paper maps with me as a backup to everything. I personally bought the Michelin Motoring Atlas Europe