La Route des grands crus de la bière: Québec et Nouvelle-Angleterre (French Edition)

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Roadtrip on Quebec's Route Des Vin: L'Orpailleur

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Whether you come by yourself, as a couple, with your family or as Homemade chocolate, jams and confectionery. Maple and chocolate fudge are also appreciated. Bistro-style family restaurant. Animal judging, demonstrations, shows, various exhibitors, music, dancing, and midway. Le contrebassiste Jean A metre boardwalk will let you tour the site and admire its flora and fauna. Literature Correspondances d'Eastman Literary festival. Performances, readings, opportunities to meet the authors, activities, exhibitions.

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Letter-writing area. A celebration for everyone. Visual arts Couleurs Urbaines, Visual Arts Symposium More than 50 artists onsite, presenting a great visual delight, and available for a chat.

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Couleurs Urbaines—the most colourful event in Granby! Choose the best Christmas gifts! More than twenty artists and artisans on site. Tourist information offices Cowansville Tourism Office The Cowansville tourist office is distinguished by the quality of its welcome within a magnificent heritage residence at the Bruck museum.

This green The 68 games will let you live an unforgettable and safe experience in the treetops.

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Music Damien Robitaille Description in French only. C'est pourquoi le Visual arts Danville Arts Symposium, 21st edition Tour of five art galleries featuring professional artists, introductory workshops, street entertainment, free musical performances, and more. Music David Marin Description in French only. Discover the autumn delights of the Megantic region. Departure from the Jacques-Cartier bridge. Description in French only.

Les participants feront une petite aquarelle qui Five art tours: three permanent and two temporary ones. Open sky museums; passionate artists and original works of art; and fun, so much fun! Welcome to the Eastern Townships! Discover my personal favourites and beers made right here! This week, I had the opportunity to participate Aerial rope course Divertigo Bromont Divertigo Bromont is an aerial adventure game located on the mountainside in a mega module mounted on poles where everyone can see, challenge and exchange during the activity.

Cheese makers and Dairy producers Domaine de Courval Farm producing a variety of certified organic goat cheeses located in Waterville. The owners, Lucy and Gregory Sangiuliani, love animals, artisan cheeses and the unique challenges of farming life. Orchards Domaine de Dunham Magnificent orchard with 25, fruit trees located in the Eastern Townships, only one hour from Montreal.


Along the river, cyclists can enjoy breathtaking Tangible signs of the past include two covered bridges, one of which underwent major Welcome home! Which destination to choose for your honeymoon? Ski boots, golf and cycling shoes are the most fashionable

Pick-your-own: apples, crab apples, plums and pears. Campgrounds Domaine des Cantons Domaine des Cantons offers huge sites with fireplace. Facilities and services of superior quality, spacious avenues, recreation, private forest trails for walking and cycling. Warm welcome and personalized Cottages, Condos and Apartments Domaine des Montagnais Our cottages can accommodate groups in large capacity, very comfortably. With their wood siding, the cottages blend harmoniously with the natural character of the immediate environment.

The Domaine des Snowmobiling packages Domaine des Montagnais Package Domaine des Montagnais is an enchanting site offering superior accommodations with breathtaking views. Breeding farms Domaine des Nobles Alpagas We offer a guided tour of the breeding facilities. The interpretation panels will transform your visit into a unique experience. During your visit, you will discover: The origin of the project, the physiological Breakfast served hot or cold according to your needs. Access to a spa. Safe shelter is available for snowmobiles, VTTs and bikes.

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We have Bed and Breakfasts Domaine Dorchamps The Domaine Dorchamps villa offers 5 cozy and comfortable rooms with private bathrooms in a bed and breakfast formula. Vineyards Domaine du Ridge At the renowned Domaine du Ridge you will discover wines produced with care by two oenologists. Upon arrival you will be charmed by the decor and vineyards.

Come taste our wine at our boutique. Take part Cottages, Condos and Apartments Domaine Gagnon Are you in search of a quiet place off the beaten path? Domaine Gagnon remains a well-kept secret. Come taste our products while enjoying our charming Country Inns Domaine Jolivent Formerly a country retreat, this century-old house still carries that vacation spirit with its comfortable rooms, delightful atmosphere, soothing fireplaces, two restaurants on site and refined bar.

Snowmobiling packages Domaine Lac Brompton Cottages You will be charmed by the luxurious and relaxing chalets of Domaine Lac Brompton, among breathtaking landscapes. Cottages, Condos and Apartments Domaine Yamaska The fully equipped cottages offer an intimate accommodation solution allowing families to get together, prepare meals, gather around a fire and sleep in cozy beds.

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Amenities include well-equipped kitchens, Beaches Douglass Municipal beach Located near the village of Knowlton, Douglass beach offers swimming, a picnic area overlooking the water, a snack bar, beach volleyball and access to walking trails. Lifeguard on site daily from 10 a. Locally grown terroir shops Ducs de Montrichard Come live a tasty experience!'s/1093-iphone-6s.php Enjoy our Tourist information offices Dunham Tourism Office Dunham The Dunham vineyards, of course! But also come see the orchards blossom or filled with apples, cider makers, sugar shacks, berry producers strawberries, raspberries, We also offer personalized guided tours to visit vineyards and tourist sights.

During the summer, our staff On top of enjoying great spring skiing, you will have the opportunity to participate in Tourist information offices Eastman Tourism Office Surrounded by four lakes, Eastman is located at the foot of Mount Orford and is known as a tourist destination where culture and the outdoors combine with gastronomy. Enjoy time at Spa Eastman, La Marjolaine Music Elliot Maginot Description in French only.