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The rituals change through the influence of high religion, i. The cult reveals the goddess's kinship with the spirits bhta s and other gods of the burning ground Kl, Cuaaimtan. ISBN Literaturverzeichnis [bibliography] pp. This study presents and analyses different aspects of the social organisation of the Vabalija in Andhra Pradesh and Orissa. In particular, the general requirements of an adaptation to a maritime environment are identified, especially as to how these might lead to specific forms and institutions in the social organisation of the Vabalija in particular and coastal fishermen in general.

The authoress describes the area of her field studies, the economic organisation of the Vabalija, their kinship relations, their political organisation, their rituals and ritual specialists, their egalitarian structure, their integration into the Indian society and their maritime orientation. XI, p. The present study offers a contribution to the master-disciple relationship from the viewpoint of traditional and modern Hinduism.

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Considering the historical, psychological, and philosophical aspects of the soteriologically oriented relationship in general and of its expression in the guru-iya-sambandha of Hinduism, a very comprehensive introduction is presented, here. Based on a broad historic outline, this study for the first time presents a main typology, a functional definition, and a partial hermeneutic evaluation of the subject. In accordance with the emphasis on otherworldly or soteriological forms of the guru-iya relationship, special prominence is given to the ascetic and somewhat heretic figure of the inner and or outer renouncer or sanys.

Nevertheless, a balance has been kept between the Pan-Indian and the regional traditions, or between the "great", Sanskritic, and the "little", particularly Tamil, traditions as well as between the devotional bhakti tradition and the gnostic jna tradition, i. Only a selective but representative description is given, the inclusion of exceptional features aims at phenomenological and typological completeness. Adhering to the principles of Indology and the History of Religions, sociological and psychological, economic and ecological or geographical aspects as well as iconographic and iconological viewpoints have also been included.

III, p. ISBN Anmerkungen pp.

This book focuses on the administration of the Gaga empire, which covered an area in eastern India stretching from the Hooghly to the Godavari river during the 12th till 15th century. The author especially points out how the Gagas with varying success tried to establish a central administration.

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While there is a whole lot of "hit singles" material on CD from Al's years on Capitol, only seven of his regular non-Christmas albums are available in their original form. Yet where the Spirit liveth we venture forth. It also traces the phases of the dispute in recent times in the context of the complex relationship between India and Bangladesh. Yet what flows so cool. Ever since speech began, and mutual notice; But song follows apace. Most Read Most Cited No results returned. To thee, Maria, lifteth Of thousand hearts the plea.

In this context, he gives special attention to the "Nyakara system" in Kaliga; this system was hitherto only known to have existed in the Vijayanagara kingdom. Thus, the present work is an important contribution to the discussion on state formation in pre-modern India. X, p. ISBN 28 figures, 2 projections, 1 graph, 25 tables, glossary p.

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XI, bibliography pp. The Farakka Barrage has been a major source of conflict between India and Bangladesh. It enables India to divert water into the Hugli so as to prevent the silting up of the port of Calcutta. Bangladesh claims an adequate share of the Ganges water and no permanent agreement has been arrived at so far. This is the first comprehensive study of the historical background of the dispute.

It also traces the phases of the dispute in recent times in the context of the complex relationship between India and Bangladesh. Technical and political problems are discussed with equal competence and attention to crucial details. Rao pp. Appendix D a : Rice production by district compared with claimed losses p.

Appendix D b : Summary of the special studies estimate of lost agricultural production in South-West Bangladesh due to upstream diversion in pp. Appendix D c : Lost rice output by district and cause p. Appendix E : Summary of the area affected in South-West Bangladesh due to upstream diversion in p. Appendix F : Agreement between the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and the Government of the Republic of India on sharing of the Ganges waters at Farakka and on augmenting its flows pp.

Side letter to the agreement : 1 p.

Side letter to the agreement : 2 pp. Wolfgang Veit : Improving capital supply to Asian developing countries : South-South cooperation and financial integration pp. Narayan Khadka : Politics and economic development : the case of Nepal pp. Jogishwar Singh : Sikh attitude towards obedience to political authority : some implications pp. Christine Effenberg : Sikhs and India : the tragedy of Khalistan pp. Dagmar Hellmann-Rajanayagam : Dravidian parties in modern Tamilnadu : their strength and significance pp. Holk Harald Dengel : The history of the attempt to establish an Islamic State in Indonesia and its impact on Indonesian politics till today pp.

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Margit Urhahn : For a sociology of India : "tribe" and "caste" reconsidered pp. Wolfgang Werner : Sri Lanka and the Maldives : aspects of ecological development in two South-Asian island republics pp. Dietrich Schmidt-Vogt : Community forestry in the hills of Nepal pp. List of contributors pp. Appendix 1 : List of plates of the contribution "Sri Lanka and the Maledives : Aspects of ecological development in two South-Asian Islan[d] republics [pp.

Appendix 2 : List of plates [pp. ISBN Subject index pp. This bibliography is an attempt at giving a general view of the essential books of Indonesian historiography written in Indonesia after the Sukarno era.

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The bibliography concentrates on the books by Indonesian writers, published between and in Indonesia. The books are listed in alphabetical order according to their authors or titles and filed in a subject register divided into the usual historical periods in Indonesia. The comments on the books provide a general survey of the content. The emphasis of this bibliography is on the history of the struggle for independence, regional history and biographies of important Indonesians. An important part of this bibliography concerns books written by a team of historians of the project for the documentation of Indonesian history by the Ministry of Culture and Education and books from various Indonesian publishing houses, in particular the publishing houses of Gunung Agung, Inti Idayu Press, Balai Pustaka, Mayasari and the Center for Armed Forces History.

XII, S. During British colonial rule, Badulla became the centre of teaplantation in Uva; today, it is rather a centre of administration, and, in addition, a central place for the south-eastern part of the isle.

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The "centrality" of the location following Christaller has been analyzed from various angles telephone connections, school-systems, medical care, trade and industry, tea-plantations. X, , [43], 3 p. ISBN Literatur [bibliography] pp. Social Accounting Matrices SAM have nowadays been accepted as being efficient data systems in development economics research, allowing a consistent and flexible breakdown of data.

Problem-oriented simulation models, based on SAM, may act as a practical finding help in the economic process of developing countries. This study presents information and impulses to : i the methodology of empiric economic research by developing consistent data and modulating a model-system based on SAM; ii the empirical experience with a complete model for Sri Lanka; iii the development theory by discussing, using and testing some hypotheses regarding income distribution and consumption structure.

ISBN Selected bibliography pp. The area of Baluch settlement extends from Eastern Iran to the western part of Pakistan. Inayatullah Baloch is the first Baluch historian who has traced the evolution of this idea and its implications. He also provides a detailed survey of the history of Baluchistan from the 18th century to the emergence of Pakistan which annexed Kalat, the central State of Eastern Baluchistan, after a brief period of independence in Baloch's study is based on a great deal of source material.

He has done extensive field work in Baluchistan. Sanjay Subrahmanyam : Cochin in decline, : myth and manipulation in the Estado da India pp. Fok : Early Ming images of the Portuguese pp. Jahrhunderts [Examples of a critical documentation of the shipping traffic on the East India route as documented in Portuguese writings of the 16th and 17th centuries] pp. R[oderich] Ptak : China, Portugal and trade in the Maldive Islands from the early fifteenth to the early sixteenth century summary pp.

Rahmat Ali, who coined the term "Pakistan" and propagated this idea from Cambridge since , has been almost forgotten in his own country. His work and his motives remained obscure as no adequate study of his life and times was available, so far. Kursheed Kamal Aziz has written the first detailed political biography of Rahmat Ali which throws new light on the genesis of Pakistan.

This book is based on the study of a great deal of source material and is a major contribution to modern historiography. Appendices: 1.