Been So Long 2 (Body And Soul)

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Can you imagine to hear that when you are 18 and maybe a little less self confident? I had finished the race, super happy to have accomplished a long race and going to get some massage. And the first thing he say is wow you are a little fat. Can you imagine? I started to cry, being all happy and exhausted and letting that man destroying all my feelings.

So what?

Love what you have! Eat what you want. But learn a little about nutrition that will make you eat sustainable and healthy!

Hello Emelie, I think you have put a lot of thought into this but is this necessary? I look at their diet and I usually do small corrections if I see that there is some extreme like eating everyday a lot of cheese for example. Because we also have to think about sustainability, what comes from the earth is living and gives us all the minerals, phytochemicals…to make us strong, healthy and respectful of our planet. So what I do is give recipes to people, simple, cheap, easy to make with raw materials and ask them to avoid a lot of processed food because I know them far too well and know how the industry works sadly, they offer us dead food.

Have a peaceful day, Lila p. I will soon have a blog on sports nutrition and sustainability, helping people to consume right. I think most Mountain Rescue team members would agree with that. I even got passed by a fancy dress smuff once. Eat, drink, run and be merry.

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Emelie one of the reasons everyone loves you and your running is because of your balanced love of all things. You have equal passion for food, sport, people, relaxation, reading and so many more things. That is so important and we all loose sight of that.

Article 1. Whether the separated soul can understand anything?

You are a great ambassador and the more you share your thoughts the more you empower people to be individual and comfortable with themselves. Hi Emelie!

I think your thoughts are in the right place — focus in being healthy and also happy! Balance is required to live long, healthy and happy, being an athlete or a regular person. I can only say one thing: AMEN! This is absolutely what I think and what I have experienced myself. I tried to be leaner and thin, kind of good looking, showing all my muscles… Because when I was younger I used to hear that if you want to run fast you have to be as lean as you can.

And because I was overwhelmed with this kind of articles and photos you refer.

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And, when I was loosing weight and training only with lettuce, I failed in every race, no energy to push a good marathon after k bike, absolutely impossible, no energy. But when I train eating whatever my body asked me healty or not, including salad and fruits but also burgers, chocolate and pizza I feel stronger than ever because my body has gasoline.

Lot of people think and says it! Even people who raced IM and long mountain runs! So this is why I am so happy to read your post, that a girl who is a referent for everybody says that!

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But soon I realize that what I really love and what fulfills me is being stronger and faster and better, and the perfect body will be the best to fulfill your dreams. Thank you so much for this beautifully written post, Emelie. Your willingness to be vulnerable and authentic is incredibly courageous.

Emelie, I love that you wrote this!

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Life is too short not to enjoy the sweet stuff. I make pancakes almost every weekend, for breakfast I eat Peanut butter and Jelly on English muffins or cereal and I love ice cream. Emelie, I really respect your honesty and candor. Great article Emelie.

Been So Long 2 (Body And Soul)

A balanced life, running and eating is a great mantra. It is very disappointing how little the human body needs to survive, and I have to remember that when in tapering! I would kill to have legs and strength like yours!! Thank you for being so honest and sharing it with us!!

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On a random note, what is the workout gear you are wearing in the one picture running up the mountain?? Fabulous message Emelie. There is a culture in running of lowest body weight you can maintain.

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But running competitively and trying to get thinner at the same time is risky, as you say. Even though I eat way more than others, I sometimes struggle to eat enough, but I am getting better the longer I am running, and know better now what I need. The best thing I have learnt this year is to stop comparing myself to others. Maybe I just need more food than others to stay healthy.

I love this Emelie.

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You look fantastic and are a world class athlete. What you are doing with your diet must be right for you. A couple of people have commented that we have to be a bit more careful with what we eat as we get older. I think we have to be more careful if we get sedentary but that is not the same as getting older. I will be 50 in a couple of months. I am slim and have been much the same weight for ever.

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Running is my passion and I run a lot but not huge mileage. I eat loads of nutritious healthy wholefoods which I love but like you I also love desserts, cakes, buns…. Delicious cake with coffee is a special part of my day. I think if we keep on running or hiking or biking or whatever exercise we enjoy and eat a mostly healthy diet we can stay a normal body weight and continue to have the treats that we love. Yes I am tired of this. I have been told so many times , you do not look like a runner.

I am short, curvy and overweight but I can run some decent distances. I have a marathon in few weeks. But I am a steady runner. When I started running I had a lot of insecurities being around other girls. I love that you wrote this post because it makes me feel happy that young women like me and many others can look up to something so rational, optimistic and well-balanced as you.