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We used different materials to create our own toys. Throughout middle and high school he had a strong interest in art, but also became fascinated with the environment. It was there that Rob discovered architecture was a fitting way to meld his interest of design, art and the environment. I then felt like that became the right outlet for my creativity. He spent both summers during grad school as an intern at Centerbrook, and joined the full-time staff upon graduation. In his free time, Rob enjoys running, hiking, traveling, and cooking with his wife, Leslie. She crafts cuisine from her Mexican heritage and he, recipes from the DR.

Frequently they fuse the two cultures to the delight of family.

He proceeded to earn his bachelor's degree in architecture from the Catholic University of America — spent the summer of senior year touring Europe — and then acquired his master's in architecture from the Rhode Island School of Design. His arrival coincided with the onset of the recent recession, but Aaron survived the downsizing and soon was working side-by-side with Robert Siegel on a number of major projects, including residential towers in Abu Dhabi and a guest house for filmmaker Steven Spielberg in the Hamptons. His command of digital design software was put to use crafting pre-design presentations for job submissions and meetings with prospective clients.

When not at his desk, Aaron can be found fishing or ice skating on Mill Pond behind the studio. Originally from nearby Chester, Connecticut, Caitlin was recruited to play lacrosse following her prep career and chose Allegheny College in Pennsylvania.

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Her coaching career took the next step when she served as a lacrosse assistant at Denison University in Ohio. Caitlin made the decision to step away from coaching full-time and joined Zulily, an online retailer.

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It was there that she gained an appreciation for creative environments where things are always changing. Ultimately, Caitlin chose to come back to Connecticut to be closer to family, and joined Centerbrook in Caitlin also returned to her lacrosse roots to coach the team at the nearby The Country School, where she once played. Caitlin counts interior decorating as a principal hobby. And aside from doting on her dog, a basenji named Bananas, she also enjoys traveling with her wife, Michelle. One might not readily identify a mile backpack as a traditional way to get your batteries charged up to launch a professional career, but it was the perfect activity to precipitate Hugo Fenaux joining Centerbrook.

Historically known as a Christian pilgrimage to the shrine of the apostle St. Although he is aware of a great uncle who was an architect, Hugo was not born into the design profession. The son of a baker from Belgium and a small business owner from Michigan, Hugo first gained interest in the field during his initial semester at UVa when dorm mates enticed him to sit in on a survey course. An undeclared major at the time, Hugo was intrigued enough that by his second semester on campus he had transferred to the architecture school. Now a full-time member of the Centerbrook staff, Hugo lives in Essex with his wife, Brittany, who is also a graduate of the Yale School of Architecture.

Nick began his architectural career as a child, drawing house plans for fun and then turning them into LEGO creations. And although they tended to resemble the houses on his suburban Connecticut street, there were telling flourishes and special detailing that set them apart. He gained valuable experience in existing conditions studies, design development, and creating construction documents. In his senior year, for accomplishments within the Wentworth architecture program as the American Institute of Architects Students chapter president, Nick and a fellow student shared the Alpha Rho Chi Award given out annually by the national architecture fraternity.


After graduation, he returned to Fletcher-Thompson, concentrating on public school projects from elementary school through college, including a large new junior high school in Camden, New Jersey. He also served as project manager for the Quinnipiac North Haven Administration building from design through construction. Louis Country Day School. The extensive use of wood for both structural purposes and fine details coveys a feeling of being in a rustic lodge. While the brick detailing and open classroom layouts of Mary Institute and St.

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In , Nick left Centerbrook to pursue another opportunity, but returned to the firm in the fall of During this hiatus, Nick had the opportunity to oversee the design, detailing and construction of a new public elementary school in South Windsor, CT. To help pay his way through college, Frank identified and bought tumbledown classic furniture — often designed by prominent architects such as le Corbusier, Eames, Saarinen, Breuer, Van Der Rohe — and proceeded to refurbish and resell them to collectors around the world.

He was studying the manufacturing and marketing end of the furniture business at High Point University when he realized that design held more interest for him. After college he earned his masters of architecture at North Carolina State University, where he and several fellow students captured first prize in the U. Their prototype was used for three Habitat for Humanity homes. After college, Frank worked for a Raleigh architectural firm on health care and residential projects and was on the team that won a design competition for a public plaza and clock tower for Wake Tech Community College.

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Terug naar Homepage. Lion Knights. The key, he notes, is accessibility and comfort. You could start with DIY projects like balloon-powered cars:. When we make learning fun for our students, they retain more, have fewer behavior problems, and go home with a smile on their faces.

Ryan was fortunate to know by his mid-teens that he wanted to pursue a career in architecture. Ryan split the spring semester of his junior year between Madrid, Spain, and Utrecht, The Netherlands.

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a-2 Bricks and Creations Tub - (TRU Exclusive) (Bottom Tub and its contents only), , 1. Blue Motor Boat with Walter Walrus, , 1 b-2 Free LEGO Bricks (Bonus box and its contents only), , 1 . Foundation Set - Blue Bucket, , 1 .. My First LEGO Princess, , 1. FIRST LEGO League Challenge - Food Factor, , 7 . a-2 Bricks and Creations Tub - (TRU Exclusive) (Bottom Tub and its .. Foundation Set - Red Bucket, , 4 Mission 4: Speedboat Rescue, , 1.

While Ryan benefited from the time in Spain, his experience in The Netherlands was the most influential. The way the transit system connected the whole country really inspired me to pursue connecting cities and people. Ryan grew up in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, suburb of Plymouth. After showing an early interest in drawing and art, as well as an aptitude for math and engineering, all signs led to architecture.

During an ambitious summer following his study abroad experience, Ryan held three internships simultaneously. Underscoring his interest in how people interact with their environment, Ryan studied the habits of people in a grocery store — specifically relating to the design of the store and the use of self-checkouts — for his senior research project. Ryan joined Centerbrook a short time after graduation. Outside of work, Ryan is an avid runner and enjoys exploring his new surroundings in New Haven, Connecticut.

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He minored in cinema and media culture in college, and continues to fuel those interests by watching new films and making short films with friends. Thanks to his experience in The Netherlands, however, Ryan is pursuing his aspiration to design impactful public and institutional buildings at Centerbrook. The first project he has worked on is a restoration of the historic Goodspeed Opera House. And perhaps, with computer-aided design and virtual reality, Ryan may see his cinematography skills put to good use as well.

His grandfather was a master carpenter with a barn full of tools that Mike would use to build things, including scale model cars. When the first Star Wars movie came out — employing models to create its dazzling special effects — he realized that his pastime had practical applications. Before long he was on the road to a career in architecture, which involves model building.

He took drafting and mechanical engineering courses, eventually earning his Bachelors from Roger Williams College. He went to work for a New Haven firm building models but also as Project Manager on academic and residential projects.

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Half way through his tenure, he saw an opportunity that would change his career. Computer-aided design CAD was in its infancy and firms were grappling with how to integrate it. Mike stepped up and led the transition serving as CAD manager, the point man for acquiring the knowledge to support and train the staff. A Connecticut native, Mike was aware of Centerbrook, had applied after college, and received a very gracious rejection letter. That stuck with him because it was the only firm of many Mike applied to that actually acknowledged receiving his resume. The role has gotten more complex, encompassing the implementation of many pieces of 3D design software.

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He is now considered the Digital Design Coordinator, fielding questions and dispensing digital wisdom. Knowing both architecture and the latest design technology makes Mike doubly valuable. An artistic, tinkering bent is embedded in the Hayn DNA. From a family that includes artists, but also a draftsperson and machinists, Derek came to appreciate how something could be both beautiful and precise. And in many cases it was the precision that made it beautiful. He remembers when his aunt, the draftsperson, gave him plans for a helicopter she was working on. He still has them. Understanding why something worked was always as important as making it beautiful.

Derek joined Centerbrook in as its Graphic Designer. He is responsible for the visual communication of the firm and designed its latest book, Centerbrook 4. He oversees graphic materials produced by the office and assists with environmental design and fundraising materials for clients. His passion for design is equaled by an enthusiasm for photography and videography, examples of which appear on Centerbrook's website and his own.

Leslie provides the gravitational force that holds the pin-wheeling marketing department together. Its longest serving member, she is master of its myriad mysterious machinations: from graphics, editing, and data collection to writing, photo editing, and project retrieval. She helps to create glossy bid submissions, format images, and convince awards juries that Centerbrook is the one. Since she joined the firm in and took over responsibility for this last duty, it has garnered more than national and regional awards — and as many as 17 in one year.

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Leslie attended Kenyon College and Gibbs College, and also studied dietetics and nutrition at the University of New Haven while working at Centerbrook. Her command of the language is unassailable: she knows when a hyphen is in order, and when not, if a word is pretentious, pluperfect, or downright supercilious.

When she shares her culinary creations with marketing colleagues — perchance, a Norwegian Fystekake Almond Tart or Blueberry Tea Bread — the department quickly becomes a popular destination. Her desk has a panoramic view of the Falls River and Millpond, and she is often the first to spot migrating herons, egrets, and hooded mergansers.

The people here do good work for interesting clients. Thanks to a liberal arts education and a Connecticut Yankee upbringing, Chris has enjoyed a peripatetic career. It has encompassed two continents, working for a house wright doing historical renovations, running his own car detailing business, and an inside-the-Beltway position that gave him entre to the Oval Office. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad. This position entailed fact-finding tours of Eastern European nations and negotiating agreements with officials to ensure that historic cemeteries and other heritage sites were being protected — a requirement for admission into NATO.

After globetrotting for several years, Chris and his wife Kim decided to return to their native state. He also makes the trains run on time to meet deadlines for job submissions. When not conducting, Chris is a voracious reader of historical works and fiction, tinkers with cars, enjoys a wooden kayak he crafted, and takes the family out on the Connecticut River in the boat that he and his father built long ago. Heading into college, Sarah was unsure what her focus would be, so she chose Lafayette College for its liberal arts offerings.